Green Specification

Huntsmere take energy efficiency and environmental considerations extremely seriously, and these are a key part of the design philosophy for all of our properties.

Rainwater collection systems, which store water from the roof drains and gutters, and then supply garden irrigation and toilet flush systems, reducing the usage of mains supplied water.

A hot water system which utilises state of the art solar tubes and high efficiency condensing boilers combined with underfloor heating and can reduce the fossil fuel requirements by 50-75%.

Ground source heat pumps which extract latent heat from the ground and use it to supplement the hot water system, further reducing fossil fuel requirements.

In addition to the aesthetic and practical advantages that the mood lighting system offers, it is additionally programmed to ‘trim’ lighting by an amount which is imperceptible to the human eye, but has the effect of dramatically reducing electrical consumption. Occupancy sensing in utility areas also ensures that lights are not left on unnecessarily.

We dedicate a specific area to be used for recycling, to allow for the uncluttered storage of card, paper, bottles, tins and plastics. These spaces are also designed with capacity for waste compactors, which can reduce the volume of household wast to approximately one third of its natural volume.

All of the installed and integrated appliances found within a Huntsmere property feature an energy efficiency rating of ‘A’ or higher.