The iHouse cometh

These days property developer Chris Oakes of Huntsmere doesn’t leave home without his iPad or iPhone. For him they are an integral part of his daily life and it’s his intention to make them part of his client’s home lives too.

With this in mind his future high-end developments will all be built with systems in place which will enable owners to control the functions within the house at the touch of an iPad, iPod or iPhone.

For Chris the attraction is in the familiarity of the interface and the fact that one control will do all jobs. It’s neat, it’s high tech and it’s classy…what more could the developer want? Speaking about the idea, Chris said: “Apple are masters of creating an easy to use interface in a standardised form which means that once you are familiar with one Apple product, using another becomes intuitive.

“Children, like mine, are growing up being familiar with Apple technology and the effect is that they are able to come to terms with our system very quickly.”

The iHouse properties will have a multi-room audio system that will be fully controllable using an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. They will also stream Sky TV, Apple TV (so you can download films from iTunes) and Kaleidescape, allowing you to play your own film collection into half a dozen rooms.

Huntsmere developments typically have integrated CCTV systems and this introduces the possibility of being able to access and control cameras and their feeds utilising the iPad whether the owners are actually at home or away.

The integrated system will also allow for the properties’ heating, lighting and blinds to be controlled from an iPad – just imagine settling down to watch a film in your home cinema, one touch of your iPad will allows you to close the blinds, dim the lights and call up your favourite film.

Whilst iPads may be necessary in cinemas or a main hub room, such as the kitchen, rooms that have more limited functionality could perhaps be operable using an iPhone or an iPod touch.

With the systems and interface all designed Chris is currently working on the design of a stylish wall holder to hold the iPads, then it’s over to the owners to have a play!