£50m pipeline says Huntsmere means business

Alderley Edge based high-end property development company, Huntsmere, is looking forward to a busy year ahead having put together one of the largest portfolios of luxury property in south Manchester with an end value in the region of £50 million.

 Huntsmere, which was formally established in 2002, is one of the North West’s most successful high-end property enterprises. Whilst others may have struggled during the recent property slump Chris Oakes’ properties, with price tags in the £3 million to £4 million bracket, have continued to sell.

In addition to three private commission properties currently under construction, with a developed value of £13m, over the last year Huntsmere has been building up a large portfolio of plots in south Manchester. Some of these are under construction, whilst others have received planning permission and are ready to build.

Properties range from The Lodge in Alderley Edge, a 5,200 sq ft ‘mini-mansion’ with an asking price of £2.25m, to White Oaks, a 10,000 sq ft property standing in 1 ½  prime acres in Mottram-St-Andrew with a price tag of £5.5m. And don’t forget Perdu, a 2-storey subterranean house which has attracted much media attention and been featured on ITV News and in the Sunday Times. 

So, who are Huntsmere selling properties to? “Some people think that we’re building homes for footballers. Yes, they are a powerful and wealthy part of the market and I am more than happy to develop properties for them but the purchasers of our homes are just as likely to be self-made business people,” said Oakes.