£3.75 million 'green' house for sale in Prestbury

A new breed of eco-friendly super home is to be unveiled by Huntsmere, a locally based property development company, in Prestbury this month.  With 8,000 square feet of luxury living space packed with eco-friendly systems, Ravenswood on Heybridge Lane is sure to provide a new ‘green’ benchmark for luxury homes in the affluent golden triangle that is Prestbury, Alderley Edge and Wilmslow.

Priced at £3.75 million the property, which boasts five reception rooms and five bedroom suites also has a 2,300 square foot leisure floor complete with 12 metre swimming pool, gymnasium, changing room, wine cellar and fitted cinema. It is, however, Ravenswood’s energy saving and environmentally friendly features of which developer Huntsmere is most proud. 

Commenting, Chris Oakes of Huntsmere said: “We were very keen from the outset that Ravenswood should incorporate a number of environmental features and these have formed a fundamental part of the development. In terms of the eco-friendly systems that have been incorporated I am not aware of any other developer, either locally or nationally, who has gone to such lengths to provide such great energy and water consumption efficiencies.

He continued: “Whilst I am sure that the money saving aspect of the eco-friendly systems will not be the primary concern of the eventual purchaser of this property, the reduction in this home’s carbon footprint and sophistication of the systems will prove to be appealing.”

The ‘green’ specification of this home is truly impressive. The property will be heated by an underfloor heating system with hot water from a large scale ground source heat pump which uses heat exchange technology to capture the heat contained in the ground to heat the house. This will lead to a reduction in the use of fossil fuel by up to 75%.

Ravenswood is also fitted with a state-of-the-art ventilation and heat recovery system that operates by drawing the heat and moisture from the wet or warm spaces within the property (for example south facing rooms, kitchens and bathrooms), and using heat exchangers to absorb the heat from the air and combine that heat energy with fresh drawn air before distributing the warmed fresh air around the property. This system dramatically improves the efficiency of the heating system and ensures that the property has high quality fresh air at all times.

Hot water is provided via a state-of-the-art solar tube system (which will be used in conjunction with a high efficiency condensing boiler) which will reduce the fossil fed hot water requirement by 50 – 75%.

Water consumption will be reduced by the property’s sophisticated rainwater harvesting system. This allows rainwater to be collected, filtered and re-distributed to all toilet cisterns and the garden irrigation system so the now out-of-date (but still very much in use) habit of flushing toilets and watering the garden with drinking quality water will be a thing of the past. Dual flush cisterns enhance this efficiency yet further.

Even the lighting in the property is super-efficient with low-energy light bulbs used as part of a sophisticated lighting system that uses up to 80% less electricity and bulbs that can last up to ten times longer than conventional halogen bulbs.

At Ravenswood recycling has been made easier by a dedicated recycling area in the garage. This includes integrated bins which allow for uncluttered and trouble-free storage of card, paper, bottles and tins. There is also an integrated waste compactor that allows household waste to be crushed to around a third of its original volume.

There is even a composter for garden and domestic waste and all electrical appliances in the property have been selected so that their energy efficiency rating is ‘A’ or higher.

Chris Oakes is very aware of his responsibilities as a developer. “For many the cost of putting new green technology into new build properties is a step too far. Our philosophy is to build a product that will stand the test of time and be the best that it can be for the 21st century. In recent times many old properties in the area have made way for new homes and this has been much lamented.  However, the older properties were in most instances built between 1930 and 1960 and the build quality was a reflection of this…from a warmth and energy conservation point of view they were a nightmare. I think developers should deliver homes that are not only well designed and planned but that are at the cutting edge in terms of their specification and this is exactly what we have done at Ravenswood. This is a property that will stand proud, not only because of its stunning design and luxury accommodation, but because of its super efficient systems which will set new standards for sustainable building.”