Over the years, we have seen property solutions built around different sectors of the population, or age groups. Properties have been so tailored to the individual needs and desires of that sector or group, that they become the optimum lifestyle environment for members of that group. The best known examples of this are the student, retirement and care sectors, where specialists have created innovative buildings and features, that are designed around the requirements of the usergroup and by doing so, they have developed huge loyalty and even significant brands.

Unite and Vita, for students and Barchester and McCarthy and Stone for retirement living are perfect examples of what can be achieved by this approach.

Higher house prices, the need for larger deposits and increased difficulty in obtaining a mortgage have fuelled the greatest expansion in renting in many years. Owner occupation reached its peak of 69% in 2011 and has been falling ever since – the first trend of its type in the last 100 years.

Those most affected by this trend are the young professional group. Individuals and couples ranging from their early twenties to mid 30’s, endeavour to balance carefully on the early rungs of the corporate ladder, whilst simultaneously juggling demanding social lives with the sort of highly restrictive budgetary constraints, that tend to lift that bit later in life. This group has rarely been considered, let alone catered for and ‘Lusso’ by Huntsmere is a property solution tailored to their specific needs.