Sometimes, even the most prestigious projects suffer due to Interior Design being considered too late in the construction cycle – causing a variety of practical challenges. At Huntsmere, we advocate the consideration all interiors aspects as early as possible in the design process.

Our interiors team will undertake space planning exercises in conjunction with our architectural designers. Minds are applied to existing furniture to be retained, in addition to new bespoke and standard pieces that need to be integrated. The positioning and lighting of pieces of art requires the same thought. As does the careful consideration of feature and architectural lighting. All these aspects inform both layout and design, which makes early thought essential.

Once a sophisticated design solution has been developed to address all identified needs, our interiors team will move on to consider additional features, finishes and other design solutions. They will develop both the concepts and the detailed design, select and engage the specialist needed and supervise the detailed manufacture and installation to ensure seamless integration into the finished home. Reach out via the contact page should you wish to discuss our services.